3 Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging | Express Packaging

Corrugated cardboard boxes are made from three layers of paper. A specially designed fluting runs between the inside and outer layer, which is one of the reasons that corrugated cardboard boxes are incredibly strong. In fact, from its maximum protection to its environmentally friendly characteristics, corrugated cardboard packaging offers three key advantages.

Maximum Protection

No matter the industry, it is vital that all products are properly protected throughout the entire shipping process. Fortunately, corrugated cardboard packaging offers the maximum protection to a wide variety of shipped goods. Through its unique design, corrugated cardboard offers a stable, reliable, and cushioned surface for your products. Additionally, with the help of a shipping expert, you can choose the right size and thickness to properly protect your goods from the moment they are packed to the moment they arrive at their final destination at a customer’s door. From fragile items to perishable products, the three layers of paper that are used in corrugated boxes offer the maximum level of protection.

Easy to Customize

Did you know that Express Packaging can design custom corrugated boxes? Through customization, you can choose the size, style, thickness, coatings, treatments, and adhesives that are best suited to your shipping needs. Whether you are a retailer interested in shipping large boxes or a food manufacturer who needs additional refrigeration for perishable food items, Express Packaging can help you choose the customized option that is ideal for your products. You can even customize the design and logos for each of your boxes so that your customers have a positive impression of your brand.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable

Corrugated cardboard boxes are made of cost-effective and environmentally friendly materials. In fact, corrugated boxes are typically lightweight, which helps to lower your overall shipping costs. Additionally, corrugated materials are often made from renewable resources and recycled content. Finally, corrugated materials can always be reused to further reduce their environmental footprint.

Enjoy the Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Today

Whether you want to customize your boxes to offer a positive brand interaction, or you are interested in choosing an environmentally friendly and cost-effective shipping solution, corrugated cardboard packages provide a number of benefits. Renewable, lightweight, and strong, corrugated boxes are often the number one choice for organizations across industries. To discover how corrugated cardboard boxes can be customized to meet your specific shipping needs, contact Express Packaging today.