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Ordering custom corrugated boxes in bulk? Doing so has its benefits – beyond just the well-documented advantages that corrugated material has over other types of packaging.

Corrugated packaging is as durable and protective as it is sustainable. While it’s able to adequately protect anything that is stored or transported, it’s also easily recycled and can help divert waste from landfills. It’s a big reason why so many have stuck with corrugated over the many packaging alternatives that are available today. Another trend is purchasing corrugated boxes in bulk quantities. There are many benefits to this instead of buying one-off boxes.

Bulk Has its Benefits: 3 Reasons to Buy in Bulk

It’s More Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of buying in bulk is a universal one, regardless of what it is that you’re purchasing: It’s more affordable. Just as consumers purchase goods in bulk at wholesale warehouse stores to have plenty of product on hand and save money in the process, the same thing can be done for corrugated boxes.

Buying in bulk means that you’re purchasing in different price breaks or tiers than if you were to buy in larger quantities. This can have a significant reduction in overhead costs and improve your bottom line in time. It can also help reduce shipping costs since you’re purchasing so much at once.

Peace of Mind

If you have to fill a product order and you don’t have all the materials that you need on hand, you could be losing business.

That’s another benefit of buying boxes in bulk. Doing so assures that you’ll always have them on hand when you need it and won’t be scrambling to secure it at the last minute to keep business. You also won’t have to worry about doing inventory and ordering new boxes as often as you would if you didn’t purchase them in bulk quantities. In addition buying in bulk can also help streamline efficiency and increase productivity.

Ease of Storage, Assembly

Not everything is as easy to store as a corrugated box. They store conveniently in the warehouse in a folded-down position and can be easily assembled when it’s time to fill them with products. All you need to ensure is that there’s an adequate amount of space in your facility to store them.

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