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Corrugated Cardboard – Leading the Way in Sustainable Packaging

As consumers become increasingly concerned about the environment, they have become a more powerful force in how manufacturers make decisions. This includes every aspect of production, including packaging. Make no mistake, consumers are paying attention to how goods are produced and the packing that is used. 

This is why from food to consumer goods, more companies are choosing corrugated cardboard as the best option for packaging.

Keeping the Earth Green and Clean

Sustainability facts surrounding corrugated cardboard packaging are impressive.

  • Certain corrugated cardboard fibers can be recycled up to 25 times. That means using fewer trees for the production of new materials.
  • Some corrugated cardboard containers and boxes can contain up to 90% of already recycled materials, making them a far greener choice than plastics or other materials.
  • Even corrugated containers that can’t be recycled, like waxed-lined or greasy pizza boxes, for example, are still biodegradable. Some are even constructed using corn or wheat with biodegradable glues that are easily absorbed back into the earth.
  • Because corrugated cardboard uses so much recycled material, it uses significantly less energy to produce. This is an added “bonus” effect of the green nature of corrugated cardboard.
  • About 90% of all products packaged today are shipped in corrugated cardboard boxes. Just as impressive is that 70% of these are being recycled.
  • Corrugated cardboard is reusable, lengthening its life. Items are often repackaged or stored in corrugated boxes. Smaller boxes are often used for re-shipping or even gift-giving.
  • Even when new material is used, it is sustainable. Corrugated cardboard is frequently made from the leftovers of the paper manufacturing process.
  • Custom-made corrugated packaging uses less material overall because it is designed for specific products. There are less waste and shipping expense is frequently lower. Custom designed corrugated packaging often uses less protective packaging material which is more environmentally friendly.

Benefits to the Economy

Corrugated cardboard is valuable to the economy in that it offers a convenient, affordable way to package and ship everything from fruits and vegetables to major appliances. It provides rugged, protective packaging that can be customized and custom printed. Recycled cardboard uses about 25% less energy to produce and new material is sustainable. With sustainable packaging influencing more consumers, more manufacturers are choosing corrugated cardboard.

Appealing Corrugated Cardboard Products from Express Packaging

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