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Packaging Solutions for Etsy Sellers

Whether you’re a new or seasoned Etsy seller, finding the right packaging option for your business is important. Packaging solutions are not one size fits all. With dozens of shipping options available, Express Packaging will help you find the right…

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Express Packaging_How Reconfiguring Your Boxes Can Save You Money

How Reconfiguring Your Boxes Can Save You Money

With the rise in shipping logistics, companies are looking for new ways to cut corners in order to improve profit margins. Especially if you have smaller products, reconfiguring your corrugated boxes will save space in the trucks and a decent amount of expenses overall. Since most packages are shipped in bulk, it is now ideal to utilize your space more efficiently to save a significant amount in the long-term.

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Express Packaging_Ways to Reduce Packaging Waste and Cost

Ways to Reduce Packaging Waste and Cost

Close to 100 Billion boxes are produced and used each year within the United States. That’s a lot of boxes that companies and individuals are purchasing in order to send packages to various destinations throughout the globe. The question that remains in the face of this staggering statistic is, “have you begun to reduce your package waste and costs, or are you still spending too much money on shipments?”

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