Graphic of telescope box and Express Packaging logo

Product Spotlight: TD Box

For those who want to keep their bulky or fragile inventory safe, the Telescope Design (TD) box delivers. Express Packaging makes boxes with extra strength corrugated cardboard designed to support even the most delicate of items.

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Express Packaging_Trust in Family Owned

Trust in Family Owned

Big-name brands and the companies behind them might get a great deal of media coverage but they often lack a crucial element that a family-owned business excels in: trust. Express Packaging is a family-owned business that has offered quality boxes for companies of all sizes for more than 30 years.

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Express Packaging_Custom Box_Overlap Slotted Container (OSC)_Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)

Custom Box: Overlap Slotted Container (OSC) & Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)

Why An Overlap Slotted Container May Be Right For Your Packaging Needs

For the vast majority of packaging applications,  the standard “Half Slotted Container” (HSC) is the right choice. It’s sturdy, fast to fold into place, and it’s sealed with a quick swipe of the tape gun. But what about those instances where you need something a little more robust? Enter the “Overlap Slotted Container” (OSC) and its variation, the “Full Overlap Slotted Container” (FOL).

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Express Packaging_Custom Box_Half Slotted Container (HSC)

Custom Box: Half Slotted Container (HSC)

A Sturdy Box That’s Slightly Different From The Regular Slotted Container

Every box design serves a purpose and sometimes many. The half-slotted container (HSC) is no exception to this rule. In one of our previous posts, we talked about the most familiar and widely used type of cardboard container — the regular slotted container (RSC). It’s the kind with equal-sized flaps — both on top and bottom — that meet without overlapping. Similar to the RSC, the half-slotted container has the same kind of bottom flaps. But it’s also significantly different.

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Express Packaging_Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes Give Your Shipped Products a Truly Impactful Appearance

Customer loyalty doesn’t come easy these days, and customers more and more are expecting a valuable and memorable experience at every step of their purchase process. From an attractive-looking website to an intuitive and easy-to-use online shopping portal, an inviting brick and mortar retail location, not to mention well-designed and desirable products, your brand needs to be shown in the best possible light to earn repeat customers.

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