The Family Owned-Difference

Express Packaging understands the importance of family. Celebrating our 40-year anniversary, we’ve come to know our customers and can provide the “little things” you won’t find with large corporate businesses. Here are some distinct differences found in a family-owned company:


Family-run businesses tend to treat their employees and customers like family too. They understand the needs and the challenges small business owners face and are ready to step in and lend a hand. From creating a new box size to structuring payments that work for the company and customer, there’s a greater sense of access and understanding. Corporate entities are more formal and usually lack personal touches with their customers and employees. For corporations, it’s all about the bottom line, but with a family-run business, it’s about establishing trust and building long-lasting relationships.

Business Model

Family-run businesses innovate based on what’s going on in their community and the expertise and knowledge of their employees. It isn’t too far-fetched for an employee to make a suggestion that will increase profitability and it quickly gets adopted. In a corporate structure, it’s very hard for employees to make suggestions that will immediately benefit the company. The process is tedious and time-consuming and may never get heard by the “powers that be.”


When family-run businesses have clients in need of something new, they lend their expertise and help strategize to ensure the client is making the right decision. Express Packaging creates customized boxes to fit what the customer needs, bringing their ideas and visions to life. A large corporation has standardized sizes that the customer must conform to in order to make things work. Also, large corporations don’t usually have custom order options, while a family-run business works to accommodate their customers.


Family-run businesses are always taking the initiative to do things differently. There isn’t as much red tape, and they can invest in new technology and learning new things quickly. While corporate entities invest in training and other professional development initiatives, their process takes time. We find an opportunity, immediately find out what it takes to get trained and move on it.

With four generations of family history, Express Packaging knows what it takes to succeed in business. Hard work, dedication and an innate love for what we do. With family businesses, things are personal – from the employees to the customers. Every single day, we know our customers are working hard to keep their businesses just as productive as we are. Fully invested in the people and businesses we serve, our goal is quality and care, one box at a time.

There’s a lot to be said about family. We don’t always see eye to eye, but we’re in it for the long haul. That’s why we’ve made it over 40 years, continuously growing along the way. Come join our family and see the difference. For more information on Express Packaging, give us a call today.