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Since 1979, Express Packaging has built a reputation for dependability and superior quality. Customers know that they can expect great service, a fast turnaround time, and honest communication. That’s because Express Packaging is more than just a company that makes corrugated boxes: it’s a company that was built on long hours, hard work, and dedication to serving others. It’s a family affair and that culture extends to every facet of the way Express Packaging does business.

The Reardon Family History – Four Generations of Hard Work and Dependability

Packaging in the Reardon family started in the early 1900’s. They have been involved in the packaging and corrugated box manufacturing industry in and around Savannah, Georgia for four generations. In 1979, John Reardon Sr. expanded upon this family tradition and opened Port City Packaging, which has since become Express Packaging.

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The Early Years

In the 1930’s, John Sr.’s grandfather, John Morse, worked for Union Camp which was primarily a paper bag manufacturing plant at the time. Following WWII, John Morse recruited his son Bob to work as a machinist for the company. The father and son worked at the same facility for over a decade and, soon enough, the next generation of Reardon’s, John Sr., and Mike Sr. continued the tradition and joined the business.

Like many Americans at the time, the family shared a strong work ethic and instilled those values in both John Sr. and Mike Sr. at an early age. As children they were taught to get to work before sunrise and work until the job gets done. John and Mike’s father worked until he was 95 years old – dedication that would never be forgotten by his family and friends.

Express Packaging – A Family Affair

Once John Sr. started Express Packaging, the family was right behind him to support his entrepreneurial dream. Most of the Reardon’s that once worked with John, Sr. at Union Camp joined him at Express Packaging along with help from other close acquaintances. Each of the Reardon’s shared a strong work ethic and passion for good, honest customer service, but they quickly learned that each Reardon had their own strengths in the business.

John Sr. was never afraid to get his hands dirty and oversaw the operations of the business. He was always the first to help unload trucks and followed through with each project until completion.

Mike Sr. found his passion in customer care and therefore focused his efforts on talking to customers, selling new products, and making sure that each of their customers was heard and appreciated.

Customers always knew that they were dealing with real people, not some big company with no accountability. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, John and Mike’s mother would come in the office to do the billing. In fact, it was pretty common to hear folks ask to talk to “John’s mother” if they were pressed for a deadline because they knew she could get things moving.

The intimate family dynamic is one of the things that makes Express Packaging so special, and it’s one of the things the Reardon’s are most proud of today.

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The Growth of Express Packaging to Today

Express Packaging has seen fantastic growth since 1979. The Pembroke, GA location that started locally, now services five states in the Southeast and counting. Today, Express Packaging is run by John Reardon, Sr. (President) and Mike Reardon, Sr. (Vice President) along with three of their sons working for the company.

At Express Packaging, you’re always working with people who are dedicated to the business and provide the highest quality for their customers.

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