Telescope Box Types

If you’ve ever bought a new pair of shoes, or bought a dozen of doughnuts, you’ve likely seen a telescope container before.  Telescope Design Containers (TD) are a versatile class for corrugated boxes consisting of at least 2 pieces including a removable lid known as the “tray.” Which box is best for you all depends on the features designed into each type. Here are five types of Telescope Design corrugated boxes.

1) Full Telescope Design Boxes (FTD)

Also known as the two-piece tray, the FTD is comprised of a top and bottom piece. The top piece, traditionally known as a “full depth top”, has slightly wider dimensions allowing it to slide completely over the bottom providing extra thickness of material on all sides and end panels. Assembly of the top is done with staples or adhesive on the corner.

How they’re used: The extra thickness of this box type provides compression strength suitable for high stacking of fragile items.  As a result, this style of box is often used for long, flat products such framed art and mirrors, or bulky items like rugs and lamps.

2) Design Style Boxes with Cover

The Design Style with Cover box is a Partial Telescope Design box usually associated with the shoebox style container.  This type of box is basically a slotted tray with a lid on top.

How they’re used: This design works well in situations where the container is meant to be opened and closed multiple times, or is meant to be opened easily. This design works well with items such as shoes and other accessible items like printer paper or file folders.

3) Double Cover Boxes

This style of box is a four-sided strip that forms a tube to be used as the body of the box. Then two trays form lids on the both the top and bottom of the box.

How they’re used: In many cases these boxes are used for large bulky items that are easier by building the box around them. Imagine a heavy washer or dryer. A lot of times these items are lowered onto the first tray, then the four-sided strip is lowered around the appliance, and finally the second tray is placed on top.  This type of box is commonly used for big appliances, machinery, or furniture.

4) Full Telescope Half Slotted Boxes

The Full Telescope Half Slotted Box is simply a Full Telescope Box with both halves having a slotted top or bottom.

How they’re used: An advantage for this box is at the destination, the cover section is easily removed to facilitate examination of the appearance and condition of the produce or other contents.  The slotted top and bottom also allows for easier assembly with tape or glue. This is a common style of box for packaging and shipping fresh fruits and vegetables, however this container also has application for other merchandise.

5) Interlocking Double Cover Boxes

This variation of the double cover box has interlocking flanges on both the covers and the tube. The container is typically banded for additional security.

How they’re used: The flanges serve to help hold the three pieces of the box together, along with straps to ensure the box doesn’t come apart in transit. This style is advantageous for moving large or heavy products such as appliances, water heaters, vending machines and some hazardous materials.

All these box styles and many more can be made at Express Packaging.  If you’d like to learn more about what Express Packaging can do for you, contact us today.