When it comes to shipping your products, choosing the right type of packaging is key. The experts at Express Packaging are here to answer some of your top shipping questions and help you determine whether corrugated cardboard mailers or large mailing envelopes are best for packaging your products.

Shipping With Large Mailing Envelopes

Lower Costs

Large mailing envelopes provide a cost-effective packaging alternative to cardboard mailers. These envelopes take up less space, which helps keep storage and inbound shipping costs lower. Since they don’t require additional tape or need to be put together as boxes do, packing labor costs are also lower. 


Large mailing envelopes can be customized with add-ons like bubble wrap based on the fragility of your product. 

Choosing Your Mailing Envelopes

When considering mailing envelopes, you have the option of choosing between different types: paperboard envelopes, corrugated envelopes, and paper-based padded envelopes. For shipping items like linens or clothing, plain paperboard envelopes suffice.

However, when mailing fragile items like DVDs, CDs, or jewelry, the experts at Express Packaging recommend paper-based padded envelopes. These envelopes offer cushioning to minimize the risk of damage during the shipping process.

Shipping With Corrugated Cardboard Mailers

Eco-Friendly & Creative

Cardboard mailers and corrugated boxes offer an eco-friendly packaging material that can be recycled, which is an important feature for many of today’s consumers. Using these boxes provides you with a way to pack items in a creative way, such as with packing paper, tissue paper, bubble wrap, or air pillows. 

What is a Corrugated Box?

Corrugated cardboard boxes contain multiple layers of material to increase durability and strength. These lightweight boxes typically include two layers of lining with a medium in between and are designed for durability during shipping. 

When Should You Use Corrugated Cardboard Boxes? 

Corrugated boxes and cardboard mailers should be used to ship heavy items to keep them safe and secure. Boxes are also a good option when you’re shipping highly fragile items, such as glassware.

Choosing Your Corrugated Cardboard Box

When you purchase cardboard boxes, make sure you choose the right box style and size. Avoid choosing boxes that are too big for your products, as this can increase the risk of damage or lead to higher shipping costs. 

At Express, our custom-size corrugated boxes are built to your exact specifications, ensuring your products fit perfectly with the necessary protection to keep them in good condition until the customer receives them.

Personalized Box Options for Branding

Boxes and envelopes can both be branded rather than left plain on the outside. Adding designs or colors to these packaging materials can help you brand your business and impress your customers when their package arrives. Using decorative packing tape can also amplify your box’s overall look and design.

You can choose from a wide range of options to display on your packaging that tie into your business, such as your logo, physical address and phone number, or website address. You can even include hashtags if you’re doing long-range marketing campaigns. Adding these designs and information to your packaging can go a long way in satisfying your customers and attracting repeat business.

Ship Your Personalized Box With Express Today

With the help of these tips, you can ensure that you choose the right packaging. When you’ve decided on envelopes or boxes, make sure you get high-quality packaging materials. Request a quote from Express Packaging for your businesses’ packaging needs.