stacked boxes

Summer is in full swing which means as temperatures rise, your standard storage practices may need to be adjusted. High temperatures and rising humidity levels impact the strength of your storage boxes. Luckily, we’ve got the tips to keep your products safe throughout every season.

Keeping Heat and Humidity Down

One of the most important features you want to make sure of is that your storage facility has a proper ventilation system. Fans and temperature-controlled units that allow for proper airflow can prevent mold and mildew that grows where areas are very hot and humid. Mold is likely to occur if storing your cardboard boxes in warm, damp rooms. If found on your boxes, not only may your product be affected or ruined but the box’s overall strength and stability will be in jeopardy. Ventilation and fans will help prevent mold growth by keeping warm, stagnant air away from the storage area. Another way to keep the heat down is double wrapping or insulating all items that might be stored in less than optimal environments to keep them cool and protected. 

Choosing the Right Box Material

When selecting the box you will use to send materials, try to pick one that will also hold up well in storage. If possible, conduct some research on the potential environments these boxes will encounter as the various thermal properties found within boxes differ depending on the type of material used.  Thermal properties such as insulation and heat conduction will be important to consider when storing in very hot or cold temperatures. Typical cardboard boxes have low thermal conductivity meaning they are able to keep things cool when hot outside and vice versa. The properties of cardboard prevent the transfer of heat from one object to another. So while these boxes do make for a good storage option, it is crucial to take into consideration the product within it and exactly how hot the storage area may get. 

If looking to keep a product as cool as possible when being stored in an already hot area, you will want to stay away from any reflective materials. When shiny, reflective materials come in contact with sunlight, it is likely to amplify and trap the heat rather than expel it.  

Organizing Your Storage Space

Properly organizing your storage space is an efficient and easy way to keep your products safe during their storage lifetime. There are a few great ways to keep your packages away from any potential threats such as water, temperature issues, or damage from falling. If your storage area has the threat of water damage via flooding, consider using pallets to keep objects off the ground. Another great option to block any sort of water threat is covering your boxes in plastic wrap or even just layering it in between boxes. This wrapping can also protect against dust, dirt or other outside factors that may affect your product. Finally, layering boxes with plywood between them can help with overall stacking stability. Stacking boxes high is a common storage practice and the higher these stacks get, the more at risk they are to fall. Introduce plywood the next time you need to add a bit more stability to your storage options.     
Now that you know how to better protect your boxes this summer, you should feel confident that your precious cargo will remain unharmed all season long. If ready to place your next order of custom cardboard boxes, contact the experts at Express Packaging!