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The growth of the e-commerce market has been a mostly positive development for everyone involved. However, this growth comes at the price of an increase in waste. Businesses and consumers can enjoy the benefits of e-commerce while still taking precautions to rescue and recycle as much material as possible.

Demand For Corrugated Material Continues to Rise

E-commerce activity has been growing steadily for a number of years now, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. When e-commerce companies sell more goods, they naturally need to purchase more packing and shipping materials. This factor is one of the driving forces behind the current and projected growth of the corrugated box market.

While there is some variation in the projected growth figures in the corrugated box market (estimates vary between 3.7% and 6% through the year 2021), the vast majority of analyses indicate that strong growth is a certainty. It will be particularly robust in the Asia/Pacific region, with China and India at the forefront.

Corrugated Boxes, E-Commerce, and Customers All Help Each Other

The confidence in the growth projections makes sense when you consider the symbiosis at hand in the relationship between consumers, e-commerce companies, and corrugated box manufacturers. Consumers are flocking to e-commerce websites at astonishing rates because of the unparalleled cost savings and convenience. The online marketplaces and customers appreciate the value of corrugated boxes because they are indispensable when it comes to protecting valuable merchandise during the rigors of shipping.

The more often that products make it to the consumer intact, the higher the customer satisfaction scores will be for the e-commerce companies. And the corrugated box manufacturers are pleased with the rise of e-commerce because it has contributed to a steady growth in demand for their product. Each party’s preferences and actions drive the others, and they have all contributed to the current climate of growth in the market.


Responsible Use of Corrugated Material is Paramount for the Future

Of course, the growth in e-commerce also means that there is more shipping material being sent to consumers than ever before, and it will only increase with future demand. Companies and consumers must act responsibly in order to counteract the increase in materials and limit waste.

It’s up to consumers to find clever ways to reuse shipping materials and recycle corrugated cardboard when it begins to break down. Manufacturers have a duty to produce as much recyclable material as possible and find ways to reuse and recycle their own waste. At Express Packaging we believe in being responsible stewards of the planet, and we commit ourselves to recycling 98% of the waste created in our manufacturing process. Contact us today to learn more about our initiatives as a green company, or to get more information about our full range of shipping products.