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Express Packaging has proudly maintained our family-owned and operated status for decades. Throughout the company’s history, we have helped to manufacture corrugated boxes of all shapes, dimensions, and styles to meet the custom needs of every customer. One employee has stood out in the last 20 years for his commitment to the business and his fellow teammates. Through hard work and dedication, Scott Chavis has become an invaluable member of the Express Packaging family.

Meet Scott Chavis

Scott joined the Express Packaging team shortly after graduating and has worked hard to continue his growth within the business. He worked closely with his supervisors, Bill Stewart and David Taylor, from the on-set, and was promoted to Operator within a year. He’s enjoyed seeing the business grow alongside him, from a time when the company only had a few machines on the floor to now competing with some of the largest companies in the industry. 

In the last 20 years, Scott has developed a love for helping others grow within the company, naming his greatest professional accomplishment as training the new guys and seeing them succeed. In his words, “knowing that you can’t use the same technique with everyone and being able to adjust and see it help that person learn makes me feel like I’m doing my part for the company’s success!” Scott makes sure every new employee feels like a member of the family. 

Scott’s family outside of Express Packaging is what he calls his greatest motivator. A father of two and a soon-to-be-husband, he enjoys spending time with his family in his time off. He’s an avid golfer, but will be the first to admit that you won’t see him on the pro circuit anytime soon. He feels lucky to be a part of a team willing to join him in going above and beyond for success!

Become Part of the Express Packaging Family

Whether you want to discuss corrugated boxing and best practice shipping methods with passionate experts like Scott, learn more about the family-owned business, or need help with a custom shipping order, Express Packaging looks forward to welcoming you into our multi-generational family. Discover the benefits of working with a company that manufactures durable, high quality, environmentally friendly and affordable corrugated boxes. To place your next custom or standard corrugated box order, contact a member of the Express Packaging family today.