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Did you know that shipping your products during the winter might require a different packaging solution than the rest of the year? Temperature fluctuations, winter storms, and shipping delays are just a few of the factors that you have to consider before you get ready to send out your products to eagerly waiting customers. The good news is that the following three tips will help to protect your products from winter wear and tear throughout their entire journey.

Tip #1. Carefully Consider Temperature Fluctuations.

If you want to protect your products during the winter, then you need to carefully consider temperature fluctuations. For example, extreme temperature changes from hot to cold can cause the glass to break, which is why you need to insulate glass products from the cold. In addition to glass, electronics and appliances are also susceptible to damage from temperature fluctuations. To ensure that your products aren’t damaged you can use corrugated pads to add an extra layer of protection. You can also use Scored Pads (S-Pads) to keep products secure during the shipping process. The latter two solutions can and should be customized so that your products are secured, insulated, and protected throughout their entire journey.

Tip #2. Choose The Right Type Of Corrugated Boxes.

Instead of choosing flimsy boxes that will fall apart as soon as a snowflake touches their exterior, you should use high quality and durable corrugated boxes. Corrugated cardboard packaging is built to offer a wide range of benefits. These benefits include increased stability, added cushioning, and the maximum protection for your products. Be sure to choose the right sized box, as well as the right packaging materials to ensure that your products remain protected from the moment they leave your warehouse to the instant they arrive at the customer’s door.

Tip #3. Properly Seal Your High-Quality Boxes.

The winter season is filled with temperature fluctuations, inclement weather, and a heightened level of wear and tear due to the busy holiday seasons. The good news is that you can keep your products safe by properly sealing your high-quality boxes. The following three steps will help you to reduce tape waste, create the strongest seal, and keep your products secure as they make their journeys to your customers.

  1. Seal your box by bolding the two smaller flaps down. Next, fold the larger box flaps down.
  2. Seal the edges of the cardboard box using a weather-resistant tape. Be sure to seal the entire length of the box so that the tape is secured on either side of the box.
  3. Create the strongest seal by using the “H” shape” at either end of the box. This unique shape is not only durable, but it also creates a tamper-evidence seal.

Express Packaging Corrugated Boxes Are Ready For Winter Shipping.

No matter your shipping needs, Express Packaging proudly offers durable and environmentally friendly corrugated boxes that are ready to stand up to winter conditions. The boxes are lightweight, Earth-friendly, strong, durable, and customizable to meet your unique shipping needs. We will even point you in the right direction for packaging tape so your boxes are properly sealed. If you want to protect your products from winter wear and tear, then you should contact a member of the Express Packaging team to learn more about our trusted line of corrugated boxes. 

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