One Piece Folder

In today’s world of ever-growing transportation costs, saving money on deliveries can provide you higher profit margins or a significantly lower cost of travel for casual senders. Once you are ready to ship, using the right box ensures that you won’t compromise the protection of your materials. One of the best options for your easy assembly travel is the One Piece Folder (OPF).

One Piece Folder Layout

The One Piece Folder features a single piece cut with a completely flat bottom. The bottom of the box is also unbroken, and it has flaps protruding from its ends and sides. There are short extensions on the left and right flaps which meet to create the top of the box.

Uses of the One Piece Folder

The OPF format has many common uses. Aside from it being safe, below are some of the most common uses.

  • Shipping picture frames/artwork – The One Piece is one of the best boxing methods for flat, fragile shipments like artwork. The packaging hugs and shapes the material, giving it more protection in transit.
  • Catalogs and books – OPF is a good method for books as well. The narrow, wide shape of the One Piece covers the book without a need for a lot of extra space.
  • Packaging for retail – Commercial packing is always concerned with spacing as well as durability. You get both with the One Piece, making it perfect for sending retail items. You may be able to combine many items in a single box depending on the size of the items.
  • Customized shipping – The One Piece gives you the ability to easily customize your boxing. You have the ability to play with the length and width of the box depending on the items that you are looking to ship.