flat cardboard boxes in warehouse

It’s tempting to think of shipping materials as things that you can buy whenever you need them, but by doing so you may be spending more money, producing more packaging waste, and limiting your brand’s reach.

Reduce Your Packaging and Shipping Expenses

Running a business is an endeavor fraught with a myriad of uncertainties, but one thing you can always be sure of is that you are going to need boxes and many of them. You can, of course, buy boxes from a retailer on an as-needed basis, but avoiding such scenarios can significantly save you on packaging and delivery expenses.

Purveyors of corrugated boxes can offer you price breaks, or special discounts and pricing packages that you would never be able to get from a normal retailer. Also, fewer deliveries of your boxes mean fewer delivery fees tacked on, and that’s a good thing whether your business uses 100 or 2,000 boxes per month.

Limit Your Amount of Environmental Waste

Companies need to work harder to operate businesses that are as environmentally responsible as possible. A big part of that is reducing the amount of waste that occurs as a part of the delivery process. Buying any product that you can in volume can help you cut down on the amount of waste that is produced when the shipping of a product takes place, even boxes themselves.

This also means you’ll always have a box on hand that’s exactly the right size for your customer’s needs, eliminating the need for a last-minute order that creates additional waste.

Protect Your Inventory and Your Customers’ Purchases

Having the correct size box always available also means that you’ll be well-equipped to protect your important assets as they make the journey to becoming your customer’s property. One of the most notable benefits of choosing corrugated cardboard over other shipping materials is its exceptional cushioning quality, as well as its unparalleled structural integrity. However, the ultimate protection for your goods only comes when you use corrugated boxes that are the correct size and can provide optimal defense. Make sure your merchandise lasts, and avoid having to ship your buyer a product that might get damaged because of a box that’s not the right size.

Extend Your Brand’s Reach

When you have the right vendor partner corrugated boxes become more than just a tool for shipping your products. They are highly-customizable marketing instruments that can be produced with high-quality graphics, allowing you to expand your marketing effort every time you make a sale. When you order a substantial quantity of quality corrugated boxes you aren’t just ordering more boxes, you’re buying more marketing materials that will get sent out to the world to strengthen your brand.

Express Packaging offers a full line of customizable corrugated boxes with the option to receive price breaks in larger orders and help you control your spending, reduce your waste, and ensure you are ready for any shipping needs. Contact us today to learn more about how corrugated boxes can help your business become more profitable and responsible.