Green Packaging

Making Green Packaging Choices in Business Practices Takes Thoughtfulness

Business leaders understand the value of making green choices in business practices in the 21st century. Concerned company owners continually search for new ways to make sustainable choices in their business practices, wondering where they can make the best choices regarding environmental impact for now and the long-term.

The packaging of goods at every level—from business-to-business to business-to-consumer and beyond—is essential to modern life, but there are definitely companies that work diligently to create the most sustainable packaging possible. These companies do their research to find and use green-friendly materials, equipment, construction practices and material waste disposal methods.

Are Corrugated Boxes Using Recycled Materials the Sustainable Choice in Packaging?

Companies that manufacture corrugated boxes with recycled materials show great concern for the environment since it is now possible to construct high-quality boxes with recycled and carefully restored materials. Customers will also find that these environmentally aware companies experience manufacturing savings that they can easily pass on to their customers, so recycling materials is a winning proposition for everyone involved.

How Are Eco-Friendly Corrugated Boxes Made?

Many people never think about how their pizza, dishwasher and laptop boxes are made, which may be one reason that getting everyone to participate in recycling practices is still a challenge among about 25 percent of the population. People might take the extra effort to break down their boxes and march them the cardboard recycling bin with a little extra information about corrugated box construction and specifications for customers, such as the following:

  • Box Manufacturers Choose the Best Materials. Corrugated paperboard is not the same as cardboard, which is stiff and not terribly flexible. Corrugated materials are strong, featuring two pieces of paperboard with an internal row of air columns between them that act as cushioning to give products extra protection before adding a single sliver of bubble wrap inside.
  • Boxes Are Made to Fit Specific Items. Box manufacturers work with their customers to understand the needs of their products, seeking details that include dimensions and weight to ensure the best possible fit and security.
  • Box Builders Take Great Care. From beginning to end, box designers and builders think about the care of the product that will go inside. Following the planned designs, dimensions and specifications, builders can follow through to create a box that gets a package from point A to Point B safely and securely for customer satisfaction, whether shipping across the state or around the world.

Conscientious Box Manufacturers Focus Equally on Green Packaging and Each Customer’s Storage and Shipping Needs

Modern box manufacturers care equally about their customers’ storage and shipping needs and their impact on the environment. Thanks to high-quality recycled materials and a consistent and passionate focus on customer service, companies like Express Packaging can do it all.