woman taping a box shut

With the rise in shipping logistics, companies are looking for new ways to cut corners in order to improve profit margins. Especially if you have smaller products, reconfiguring your corrugated boxes will save space in the trucks and a decent amount of expenses overall. Since most packages are shipped in bulk, it is now ideal to utilize your space more efficiently to save a significant amount in the long-term.

Stack More Boxes on a Pallet

Weight is not the only factor to consider when shipping. Trucks and barges can only stack boxes to a limited height so the dimensions of your boxes should be as low as possible. If you are paying by the pallet, you will save a ton of money if you can squeeze in extra product orders in each load. Having boxes that are custom made to leave out extra space for your products will shave off unnecessary height.

Using a Higher-Quality Corrugated Box

Packing material can be a significant cost if you are trying to protect fragile items when shipping to customers. In some situations, having a sturdier box is more appropriate than stuffing a large amount of packing peanuts into a box. If you can reduce the number of packing materials required, you’ll be able to cut down the size of the box and save space. Stronger corrugated boxes will also be able to withstand the conditions of being stacked on pallets and shipped off in bulk, but be sure to leave the airspace out as it could affect the integrity of the stacked boxes.  

Change The Opening Experience

With a standard shipping box, the openings are folded at the top and bottom and are usually opened by the customer from the top. You may consider a design that opens up from the side so that boxes may be created with non-standard dimensions that help with saving shipping space. For example, you may have your boxes with a very low vertical height so that it does not exceed the palettes’ height limit. Calculating the box size versus the shipping container space in advance can shave off a significant amount of packing space. If boxes are designed to be opened from the smallest space of the box, less cardboard will be needed in the manufacturing process.

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