close up of corrugated cardboard with Express Packaging logo

Unlike cardboard boxes that are generally used for packaging, corrugated boxes are recommended for shipping because they are usually stronger and more pressure resistant. Corrugated boxes are typically recommended especially when shipping fragile or heavier products. The reliable strength can be comforting to someone’s concern regarding damage during shipping.

Due to their superior standard in quality over cardboard, corrugated boxes have a variety of uses in multiple industries. Common advantages to corrugated boxes include their ability to handle pressure, their ease of handling, and their eco-friendliness. Most corrugated boxes are made from recycled materials which is beneficial to the environment as well as cost saving without sacrificing durability or quality.

The design of corrugated boxes is with bundle format shipping in mind. This means that the boxes are expected to resist pressure from different shapes and sizes of products being delivered within the same compartment. Designed for durability, the edges of corrugated boxes are composed of corrugated paper, which given the shape, creates air columns that function as cushioning. The ridges found in corrugated boxes have varying strength levels and flexibility, ideal for multiple packaging needs.