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Whether it’s to ship, package, or both, you have plenty of options. When it comes to offering product protection and a well-rounded sustainable solution, there’s only one material and type of package that excels: the cardboard box. Rather than order stock options and hope that they serve the purpose you need, a better strategy is to custom order these products to ensure they perform exactly how you need them to.

When you custom order, you won’t just be able to select the quantity that you need, but the box dimensions as well. You have a lot of styles and box options to choose from – here’s a look at some of the best and most popular:

Regular Slotted

A classic corrugated box, or regular slotted container, can be folded and easily stored when they’re not in use and then immediately built when you need them. This is the most popular style of box, defined by both the inner and outer flaps being of the same length.

While you’ll need to tape them to secure any items included in the box, it’s a common packaging format for everything from electronics to books and catalogs. Regular slotted boxes come in single, double, and triple wall boards depending on how durable of a package you need.

One-Piece Folder

If you’re shipping pictures, frames, art, books, or anything that tends to be narrow in width, the one-piece folder is an ideal option. This type of box offers good protection along the edges and corners of the item and helps protect the contents of the box even when it’s stored and transported with heavier objects. Another nice thing about the one-piece folder is that the box is all one piece and can be customized to size and layers of protection.

Full Overlap Slotted Container

Though similar to the regular slotted box, full overlap slotted containers are designed for packages that require long sides and narrow tops and bottoms. With a regular box, you may have a gap toward the center of the flaps that you need to cover with tape, making it vulnerable to damage or instability when stacking

The full overlap has outer flaps that go around the entire width of the box, giving it an additional layer of support. This means it can stand up to careless handlers who value speed over delicacy when loading.
This box is perfect for stabled boxes, heavy items, and stacking in storage.

Telescope Design Box

If you need an extra-strong box to protect your product, then a telescope design box could be just what you’re looking for. This two-piece box consists of top and bottom parts – and the top part of the box is designed so that it slides over the bottom, completely covering it. It’s this extra thickness that can pay big dividends in terms of product protection.

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