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Throughout the years, Express Packaging has proudly held its family-owned and operated status. Express Packaging has successfully assisted in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes in varying shapes, dimensions, and styles to meet the needs of every individual customer.

Express Packaging has been beyond fortunate to have a multitude of extraordinary employees. One employee, in particular, stands out for his dedication and commitment to the business. Through his exceptional efforts, Michael Reardon has become a valued member of Express Packaging

Meet Michael Reardon

Michael Reardon started working at Express Packaging when he was 16 years old. Michael’s uncle founded the company in 1979, and his dad, grandfather, and great grandfather all worked at Express. Michael started his career with Express in 2006 by working summer jobs at the factory. Originally, he did not want to join the business but quickly changed his mind after making his first sale. He has worked at Express Packaging as a Sales Manager since 2017 and was a Sales Representative before that. Michael is responsible for opening many new accounts and mentoring every sales representative. He admits he is grateful for the people in the organization that go the extra mile to make each other’s jobs easier.

Michael considers having the ability to mentor his colleagues as one of his greatest professional accomplishments. “I enjoy getting to mentor our sales representatives,” said Michael. “I get to travel with them, watch them open accounts, and be successful. When they’re successful, it’s all the more satisfying.”

The biggest milestone Michael has seen Express Packaging achieve is succeeding as a company for 40 years, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike its competitors, who were not able to thrive or never evolved, Express is full of a team of forward-thinkers. Michael attributes Express Packaging’s success with its core values. “We’re going for the same goals as our competitors, but our customer service and family values set us apart from them,” said Michael. “Our values outweigh a lot of our competitors in most areas.” Michael is excited to see all that is in store for Express Packaging and the many accomplishments and milestones they will achieve.

Michael spends his free time coaching soccer and spending time with his four and six-year-old daughters. “In my personal life, my girls motivate me and give me that push at the end of the day to be successful.”

Join the Express Packaging Family

Whether you want to discuss corrugated boxing and best practice shipping methods with passionate experts like Michael, learn more about the family-owned business, or need help with a custom shipping order, Express Packaging looks forward to welcoming you into its multi-generational family. Discover the benefits of working with a company that manufactures durable, high quality, environmentally friendly, and affordable corrugated boxes. To place your next custom or standard corrugated box order, contact a member of the Express Packaging family today.