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Big-name brands and the companies behind them might get a great deal of media coverage but they often lack a crucial element that a family-owned business excels in: trust. Express Packaging is a family-owned business that has offered quality boxes for companies of all sizes for more than 30 years.

Express Packaging: A Reardon Family Business

The packaging industry runs deep within the Reardon family’s roots. Since the early 1900s, the Reardons have been involved in Georgia’s packaging industry. Express Packaging was started by John Reardon Sr. as Port City Packaging in 1979 in Savannah, GA.

Benefits of Using a Family-Owned Business

There are important benefits when a company uses a family-owned business. The following are only a few of them:

  1. Commitment

The members of a family-owned business have a sense of commitment to help the company thrive and grow. Because each member of the family is personally invested in the success of the business, they are motivated to help the business be successful.

This sense of commitment is particularly evident at Express Packaging. When John Reardon Sr. started Express Packaging in 1979, it was after working at the same paper bag manufacturing plant that his grandfather, John Morse, worked at for years. To show their support and commitment of the new venture, many of his family members left the other manufacturing plant to begin working for John Sr.

  1. Trust

Trust is one of the most important attributes that a company can provide for its clients. With a strong foundation of trust and integrity, Express Packaging upholds these values in their every interaction — whether it’s within the company itself or in their business dealings with their clients.

  1. Innovation

The ability to understand what businesses want from both a youthful and more experienced perspective is important in order to remain relevant. At Express Packaging, they’ve proven that they can not only retain the quality products that their clients expect but that they can also innovate. This means that Express Packaging can provide the latest packaging options to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s businesses across a spectrum of industries.

  1. Ethics

A family-owned business doesn’t just treat the family members well. Instead, they tend to treat all of their employees better than businesses that aren’t owned by a family. This tends to translate into better products and higher-quality workmanship.

Express Packaging has always been a business focused on family, a strong work ethic and values like good customer service. Today, Express Packaging is fueled by the passion of the Reardon family with John Reardon Sr. and Mike Reardon at its helm. Their sons — Michael Reardon II and Adam Reardon — provide the excellent and honest service the company is known for. Learn more about the Express Packaging difference by contacting them today.