recyclable boxes

At Express Packaging, we’re committed to protecting the environment in which we operate. That’s why we’ve worked to implement sustainable packaging options so our customers won’t have to sacrifice quality for sustainability. Learn more about the key benefits that come with packaging made from renewable resources here. 

Made From Renewable Resources

Corrugated boxes are made from recycled boxes and renewable resources, which are materials that can naturally be replenished on the earth. A majority of corrugated boxes and packaging material consists of between 70-98% recycled material. 

Largely sourced from fast-growing, sustainably harvested trees, corrugated boxes are the number one sustainable packaging option. Forests that the packaging is acquired from are properly managed to ensure that trees fully replenish over time and reproduce on a healthy, cyclical basis. 

By implementing renewable resources into our production regimen, we are able to reduce our emissions and do our part in maintaining a clean, healthy environment. To our team at Express, the benefits of corrugated packaging are endless for both the environment and our customers.  

Dependability of Corrugated Boxes 

Corrugated boxes have a longer lifespan than other packaging materials, making these boxes perfect for reuse and shipping multiple items. Repurpose your corrugated boxes to get the most out of your purchase while protecting the environment by reducing waste.

These boxes are also extremely durable and practical, giving you shipping freedom no matter the size or fragility of your product. This added benefit allows you to get creative –  from moving to storage to mailing, corrugated boxes stay in circulation far beyond their original use. 

High Energy Savings 

Thanks to streamlined recycling efforts across the United States, recycling rates have jumped to over 90% since the 1990s. Increased use of corrugated boxes in packaging throughout the country has helped improve this number tremendously. 

Using corrugated packaging not only shrinks your own carbon footprint, but also the carbon footprint of the companies you buy from. The material is never treated with dye, bleach, or other environmentally-harmful chemicals during the production process. 

Therefore, manufacturers use significantly less energy when producing corrugated boxes compared to other materials like styrofoam or regular cardboard. It is also generally made with local materials which require far less energy for transportation.

Better for the Environment, Better for the Economy 

Using corrugated boxes also comes with financial benefits. These sustainable packaging materials are 25% cheaper to produce than standard cardboard, making them a more affordable option for customers and manufacturers to package and ship everything from fruits and vegetables to major appliances.

The material used to produce sustainable packaging is thinner and lighter than traditional cardboard, which allows more boxes to be loaded onto delivery trucks at a time. This increased efficiency allows for faster shipping times and less money spent on fuel and labor.

Honor the only earth we have and shop from sustainable packaging companies like Express Packaging in 2023. Our team is focused on creating packaging solutions that leave a positive impact on the environment and our customers alike. Contact Express Packaging today to order your packaging materials and make a difference.