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For over 40 years, Express has understood the importance of family. Our family-owned business genuinely cares about customer satisfaction in a way that larger corporations can’t. Working with a company built on generations of hard work and dedication to its employees and the community as a whole comes with an unbeatable level of trust and transparency.

A Higher Level of Transparency

At Express Packaging, our team features a smaller group of employees compared to other corporate businesses. Therefore, we have more freedom to be clear and transparent about the services we provide and what we need from employees. 

Our customers appreciate the honesty that they receive from our business and know that the Express team is made up of people they can trust long-term. We are reliable and make ourselves quickly available to meet your needs. 

We are a family-owned and operated business that has been handed down through generations. We know our craft and are dedicated to growth and quality service and products. Express provides the personal touch that corporate entities lack to create a greater sense of access and understanding. 

A Business Driven By Passion

One of the greatest advantages of a family-owned business is the level of commitment and passion for our work that larger corporate environments cannot compete with. Our team is willing to sacrifice time and money to keep customers satisfied. 

Customers are in turn loyal to the companies that make them feel prioritized. Our dedication to the continual success of the business allows us to provide the best customer service possible. Express values customers as individuals.

Held True to Our Community Identity

Another great advantage of our family-owned business is the local ownership that provides us with a sense of loyalty to our community. We prioritize giving back to the people of Pembroke and beyond. We also care for the environment, and that’s why we recycle 98% of our box materials. 

Our corrugated material is lighter and cheaper than alternative materials like plastic, wood, and metal. At Express, we’re known for quick turnaround, delivery, and service – all products are shipped within 48 hours, and we are available 24/7 for all customer needs. 

Genuine Relationships With Management

Management doesn’t just treat each other like family – we treat employees and customers like family too. Express is highly value driven and invests in the culture of our company on a daily basis. We truly care about the happiness and well-being of our staff and customers alike. 

Since 1979, Express has been structured around our intimate family dynamic. Our unique, family-centric nature is something you won’t find at a larger corporation. It’s what allows us to treat our commitments to clients and customers the same way we treat our commitments to our family members.

Shop With Express Today

If you’re looking for an established and trustworthy packaging partnership in the new year, choose family-owned! Our business driven by passion, family culture, and dedication to customer satisfaction wants to see you succeed. Contact Express Packaging to order your packaging materials or request a quote for 2023.