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At Express, we aim to hire individuals who have a big heart and strong work ethic. One of these employees is Travis, a truck driver that we’ve been lucky to have with us for 3 and a half years. Travis joined the Express family after about a year of driving for another company, and hasn’t looked back since. We got to talk to Travis about his background, experience, and what he loves most about working for Express.

A Family Man With Georgia Roots

Travis has spent his entire life based in Georgia. After growing up in a small town outside of Savannah, he married, had two children, and moved with his family to a town called Statesboro located about an hour from Augusta. Being able to spend time with his family means the world to him. 

In his spare time, he enjoys supporting his kids at softball games, choir concerts, and guitar lessons or even simply just being with them for dinner every night. To him, that is truly the best gift. 

In previous trucking jobs, his driving schedule meant he was home only three or four times per month. But at Express, family comes first before the job. The home time policy at Express allows Travis to be home with his family every single night.

Travis describes his experience with Express. “I make a good living. And not only that, I was able to develop new skills, get insurance for my family, and have another child.”

To Travis, the life he and his family are able to live today clearly defines success. The fact that he can spend time with his family, provide for them and put food on the table without worrying makes all the difference.

A New Role, A New Life

Adjusting to a new job is never easy, especially as a truck driver. New schedules, new clients, and new routes made for a tricky transition. In his previous role with a larger corporation, he didn’t talk to his clients one-on-one. Now, he speaks to them on a regular basis. “Customers know me by name,” Travis explains. “Some of them trust me to unload for them, even when they aren’t there. I’ve developed friendships with customers and we’ve developed a lot of trust in each other,” he said.

Travis goes the extra mile to please these customers. “Corrugated boxes can be heavy. I might help customers flip the boxes. I might help the customers move the boxes, get them off the truck for them,” he said. He does all he can to improve their experience, even when it’s not required. 

Stepping outside of his comfort zone was well worthwhile. He’s now free to see his family much more and travel a whole lot less. “I didn’t like leaving my family for 3 weeks at a time. They’d be in Georgia when I was in California, and if something went wrong, I’d have to catch a flight home to help them,” he said.

In Travis’s eyes, having family time to look forward to everyday sets Express apart from the rest in the industry.

The Express Difference

Travis explained that truck driving for Express Packaging is different from that for other companies, especially large corporations. Prior to his role at Express, Travis worked for a big-box brand. 

For starters, Travis appreciates how the team at Express understands the importance of family. They allow flexibility when family needs arise. At his prior job, that wasn’t the case. “I couldn’t just call and say my child got sick without some consequences. On the other hand, Express is family oriented, so I can let them know if something comes up and they are so understanding,” he said. 

Travis described how the President of Express, John Reardon, also takes a personal interest in all his employees. It means a lot for Travis to have both empathetic colleagues and a CEO who truly cares. “Normally, if you work for a huge company you’d never meet the CEO. But at Express, I have his number. I can go into his office. He’s so friendly and hands on,” he said. 

Travis respects and appreciates Reardon’s thoughtful approach to managing his employees. He never had that before. “Prior to starting at Express, there was no understanding of what you are going through. If you get sick but don’t bring a doctor’s note, you could lose your job,” he explained.

At Express, Travis never has to worry about being sick or not getting paid. His Express family takes care of him no matter what. He especially values the Christmas bonus that he can count on every year. “It takes a lot of pressure off all of us. Since I’ve been here, I’ve never had to worry about Christmas. That feels good,” he said.

Employees at Express are always taken care of. “Most companies will call you if you’re off the road for more than a few minutes. If I need to pull over and get something to eat, or relax my body, the crew at Express never bothers me about anything,” he said. 

Express empowers their employees, employees like Travis, by entrusting them with freedom and independence to get their job done well, on time, and with integrity.

About Careers at Express

At Express, we value our employees and put them first. We offer comprehensive benefits and a work/life balance that goes unmatched, especially by big-box companies. After 40 years in the industry, we’ve learned how to effectively encourage and engage our employees to stay motivated and dedicated to our brand. 

Our management team is always looking for individuals that have a special drive to serve and succeed. If this sounds like you, contact us to apply. We look forward to getting to know you and making you part of our Express family.