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Shipping wine can be a tricky process for beginners. Understanding shipping laws and regulations and proper wine bottle packaging practices can help you feel confident in your next shipment. Here are five key tips from packaging experts to ensure your wine makes it safely to its destination.

Know the laws and shipment regulations

Wine shipments must abide by various laws and regulations within the United States. Alcohol shipping laws vary by state and country. Shippers must be aware of the law for the state they are shipping from, and the state or country they are shipping to. Be sure to research any relevant international laws when shipping to another country.

Shipments must also abide by the specific regulations your chosen shipping carrier, such as UPS or FedEx, have imposed on wine shipping. Laws on duties or taxes may also be applicable when shipping wine.

By selecting the right packaging and void fill materials, you can help ensure that your wine arrives safe and intact.

Use padded wrapping and void fill materials

You want to keep your wine as close to immobile as possible when it’s in transit. The less it can move, the lower the chances are of it being damaged. There are many packaging materials available to ensure your shipment arrives safely.

Cardboard dividers, such as wine pulp shippers, are a cost-effective option to insure your bottles are fit snugly into the package. Pulp shippers are earth-friendly, recyclable, easy to use, easy to store, and ship efficiently to keep your wine and the environment safe at the same time.

For higher-value wines that need some extra cushion, consider using bubble wrap. For an eco-friendly alternative, use recyclable and biodegradable air pillows.

Springing for custom boxes can be worth it

If you are a producer or distributor who ships wine in bulk, custom corrugated packaging is ideal for your shipments. Ordering personalized, custom boxes provide your business with packaging tailored to your specific needs.

Express Packaging offers quality custom corrugated boxes and packaging materials at competitive prices. We can manufacture any corrugated box style, size, or quantity needed. These custom boxes are perfect for shipments with abnormally large or tall bottles.

Know the best practices for the wine you’re shipping

There are many best practices when it comes to shipping wine. Most wines should be shipped standing up to reduce the risk of leaks. For older wines that have spent a long time lying on their sides, it’s best to ship them sideways to minimize disturbances.

The bottom line when it comes to shipping wine, is to know your product and it’s personal shipping specifications.

Don’t forget your labeling

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, steps in wine shipment is labeling. Using a “Fragile” label on your wine will ensure that handlers know to treat the package with extra care. Temperature labels can indicate whether the product needs to be refrigerated, and directional labels show the correct way to store it.

Shipping wine can be an intimidating task at first. Using these tips as a packaging and shipping resource can help you feel confident in your next wine shipment. Request a quote from Express Packaging for your businesses’ packaging needs.

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