state of Georgia and man standing next to giant box

The rarest box on the market, now built with your needs in mind. Here at Express Packaging, we are proud to manufacture these life-sized custom corrugated boxes as long as it means taking care of our people.

Because There’s No Shipment Too Big or Too Small for Us to Handle

One of the most important benefits of the large custom corrugated boxes from Express Packaging is also the most obvious: its size. Additionally, we are one of the few manufacturers serving Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina today that can make custom packing solutions with a maximum size of up to 90 by 220 inches.

But of course, not every shipment is going to require a solution this large – far from it. In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients directly to come up with the perfect corrugated box to meet any and every specific size needs. Regardless of the dimensions, your product will be backed by the rock-solid foundation of more than four decades in the business and all of the innovation and ingenuity that comes with it.

The Other Benefits to Know About

Our custom corrugated boxes come with a wide range of additional benefits you won’t find anywhere else, like:

  • They provide a stable cushion for literally any product by design.
  • They’re perfect for protecting valuable items during long-distance transportation and similar situations.
  • The corrugated nature of the material is perfect for keeping moisture away.
  • Not only are corrugated boxes among the most cost-effective shipping materials out there, but they’re also among the most sustainable too.

In the end, large custom corrugated boxes are perfect for everything from shipping large appliances and other heavy-duty equipment to shipping items like food that need to be protected throughout longer shipping times.

The Express Packaging Approach

It’s easy to see why our large custom corrugated boxes have become so popular with so many – it’s one of the only solutions that is literally built with your specific goals in mind, avoiding the need for and the hassle of coming up with inadequate workarounds while also protecting all of your precious shipments at the exact same time. If you’d like to find out more about our large custom corrugated boxes, or if you’d like to find out about other products we have like our Full Overlap Slotted Containers, please don’t delay – contact Express Packaging today.