Flowers in a box with Express Packaging logo

Someone has picked out the perfect flowers for their long-distance loved one this Valentine’s Day, but first, they want to make sure that the flowers they’ve ordered arrive in one piece. There are simple and effective steps you can take to ensure that all floral and plant packages arrive alive this Valentine’s Day.

Materials for Packaging Flowers and Plants

Shipping delicate flowers and other plants is not exactly like throwing a book in a shipping box and sending it on its way. Considerations need to be taken, and many times you may need specialized packaging and shipping materials to give your flowers the best chance of arriving at their destination intact.

For instance, because packages may be turned in different directions for shipping purposes, it is important to secure floral arrangements whenever possible. You may need to use cable ties and corrugated dividers to hold the arrangement in place, and it is important to include cushioning material for the safety of any breakables. If you are shipping plant seedlings, you may even need to order a special corrugated tray that cushions the seedlings.

Preparing Your Plants for the Shipping Process

The three most important things to keep in mind when shipping plants are securing the plants, preventing leaks, and accounting for climate variations.

You could write directional arrows on the outside of the box; however, there is no guarantee that shipping employees will take as much care as the package needs. The best advice is to secure flowers so that they move as little as possible no matter which way the box is shifted and to place the shipping label on the side you want to be the top.

Leaks and spills are common occurrences when shipping plants and flowers, so make sure you ship vases and pots without water to minimize the risk. Take the time to cover any soil so that it does not spill, and carefully wrap vases and pots in cushioning material.

Keeping your flowers at the ideal temperature during shipping can be a bit tricky; however, if you suspect that your shipment is going to be subjected to extreme temperatures, you may want to include material that can help provide insulation during the journey.

Other Tips You Need to Know When Packaging Flowers

Delicate flowers and plants may require extra caution when packaging for shipment. Review the federal laws surrounding shipment of plants and flowers, as well as the laws of any states the shipment will be passing through to ensure that your package is compliant. Since flowers and other plants are perishable, we recommend that you choose an express shipping option over the less expensive ground or freight options.

At Express Packaging, we want to help you ensure that your important Valentine’s Day gifts arrive looking as beautiful as they did at the florist. Contact us today to learn more about successfully shipping flowers, and how our experienced team can assist you will all of your packaging needs.