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Making a good first impression is especially applicable when it comes to product packaging. With tens of thousands of products lining store shelves, brands are under more pressure to get even more creative with their product packaging to move items and increase sales. When you consider that up to 70 percent of all buying decisions are made in the store, there’s a huge opportunity for optimized packaging.

What Should a Good Package Offer?

There are various things that good product packaging can do to connect with the consumer and ultimately sell. It can generate excitement or feelings of happiness. It can lead to spontaneous or compulsive buying, simply because the consumer is attracted to the packaging and stops to examine the product closer. It can help it stand out on the crowded store shelf.

What’s the bottom line? Good packaging serves numerous purposes. It protects the item that it’s packaging. It lists additional information or ingredients of the product. And it can serve as a great marketing tool for advertising why a particular brand is better than its competitors. It’s why it’s important to invest in packaging design.

Key Packaging Features

Now that we’ve covered what the ideal package should be able to help accomplish, you might be wondering just what makes for an impactful one. Here’s a closer look at what you should be paying attention to:

  • Color: If you’re looking to attract children, bright and standout colors are usually best. For more mature consumers, neutral colors are often the better fit.
  • Brand name: Like we said above, think of packaging as a marketing tool. That said, your brand name should be prominently displayed.
  • Added value: Whether it’s a QR code that can take consumers to a web page with coupons or more information, or a label that turns different colors based on a temperature, any added-value features generate buzz.
  • Print: Today, brands are able to perform printing on their packaging in crystal clear high-definition. The cleaner the printing job, the more a package can pop off the shelf.

Stock Options

Making the package “pop” and connect with consumers is one thing, but having the actual package on hand is another. And before you can print and add any aforementioned special effects, you first need to have a package to do it on. That’s why stock corrugated boxes are so valuable. They can be ordered in bulk and easily stored in your warehouse so you won’t have to worry about running out. Boxes also come in a variety of different sizes to meet any product they are intended to protect. You can’t create a winning package design if you don’t have a package to begin with. From RSC to die-cut, there are plenty of stock corrugated options available.

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