Are you looking for the best boxes to protect your products but don’t know where to begin? With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know what you need. 

At Express Packaging, we carry custom corrugated shipping boxes in Georgia— the strongest, most durable and cost-effective type out there. Not only will corrugated shipping boxes from Georgia keep your products safer during transit, but they are also a more sustainable choice for both your business and the environment. 

Known & Tested for Strength 

Your Georgia custom corrugated boxes come tested for durability and strength. With options for single, and double walls, you can choose what you need to keep your products protected. The more walls you select, the stronger your box will be.

These boxes come certified with a box maker’s certification (BCM), providing either an edge crush test rating (ECT) or the mullen test rating (burst test). These qualifications ensure that your products make it through the shipping journey in perfect condition. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Did you know that corrugated cardboard is more likely to be recycled than any other paper product? At Express Packaging, we encourage our customers to purchase corrugated cardboard shipping boxes in Georgia for the benefit of both their business and the environment.

These boxes are lighter than standard cardboard boxes, creating an environmentally-friendly trickle-down effect for transportation fuel economy, fewer carbon emissions, and so on.

In addition, most corrugated products are sourced from managed and sustainable forests. Do your part for the environment by choosing corrugated shipping boxes in Georgia.

Easy to Store 

When you purchase corrugated boxes, you’ll spend less time putting them away and less money purchasing new ones. Corrugated containers can easily be broken down and folded up, making for simple storage until the next time.

Aside from easy breakdown, they can also be stacked on top of each other for neat organization. Because you can store them simply, the condition of these boxes won’t suffer, making them available for reuse. 

Georgia custom corrugated boxes hold their integrity, making it so you can reuse and repurpose the box several times.

Customizable Sizes   

Are you shipping unique products that need special sized boxes for proper protection? Corrugated boxes come in all shapes and sizes. At Express Packaging, we carry several different corrugated styles and if you don’t see one that works, let us know and we will happily assist. 

Not only do customizable sizes work more effectively to keep your products safe, but they also allow for less material waste. Additionally, less waste means more space on trucks and lower shipping costs for your business. Custom corrugated shipping boxes provide many benefits that make shipping and packaging easier for your business needs. Keep your products safe during transit while getting the best bang for your buck and doing your part for the environment. If corrugated boxes sound right for your business, contact Express Packaging and request a quote today.