Cardboard Mail Boxes on wooden floors

When many people think of product packaging, they believe that it should be able to adequately protect a product and that it should capture the attention of the consumer on the store shelf. But with e-commerce booming and more products than ever being delivered right to a consumer’s front door, you can’t just design and order packaging for the store shelf any longer – you need to consider packaging for the front door and mailbox too.

That’s where corrugated mailer boxes come in, as they too offer the product protection features and professional appearance that should be sought for packages delivered right to the consumer. At Express Packaging, we carry a variety of high-quality mailer boxes to enable you to achieve this. Here’s a closer look at the common types of mailer boxes, their benefits, and more:

Key Benefits


One key benefit of corrugated is the design options that are available. There’s no shortage of opportunity to get creative and brand your boxes so that the consumers that receive them on their front porch strike a connection with your brand. Corrugated material is an easy substrate to print on or engrave to take your product packaging and brand awareness to a new level – even when it is sent through the mail.

Product Protection

Without the proper packaging materials, your business could lose out on new customers. You could also be spending too much money on replacing products that were damaged in transit. Thankfully, corrugated mailer boxes are extremely sturdy. The multiple layers of cardboard help make corrugated mailer boxes a durable, strong packaging solution for even the most fragile of products.


When it comes to corrugated mailers, it pays to purchase in bulk – literally. Not only does buying in bulk ensure that you’ll have these mailers at your disposal for when it’s time to ship the product, but it also presents a significant cost advantage over just purchasing packaging on an as-needed basis. And being that corrugated is a material that’s easy to fold and store, it’s not going to take up a significant amount of space within your warehouse.

Types of Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are not one-size-fits-all packaging formats. In fact, thanks to the wide range of options and the ability to further customize them, you’re better able to fit the box to the product and not have to settle for fitting the product to the box. Some of the most popular types of mailer boxes include:

  • Regular and half-slotted containers.
  • Telescope design box, for products that require extra strength packaging.
  • The one-piece folder, which is ideal for photos and artwork.
  • The five-panel folder, which is ideal for mailing long products.
  • Large custom boxes, which can be made in sizes up to 90 x 220 inches to fit even the most difficult products.
  • Other custom options: It’s worth noting that if a stock box option doesn’t meet your needs, custom options are available.

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Mailer boxes don’t just look great and protect the product, they’re also affordable, sustainable and customizable to boot. For more information on the benefits of corrugated mailer boxes and to order your bulk, custom made packaging, contact Express Packaging today. Our associates are standing by and ready to meet your packaging needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today and request a quote.