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For decades, Express Packaging has been the go-to corrugated box manufacturer located just outside of Savannah, GA. Throughout its history, the company has manufactured boxes of all sizes, shapes, and customized features. To date, an employee who has helped to shape the past, present, and future of Express Packaging is Mike Reardon.

Meet Mike Reardon

Mike Reardon has worked at Express Packaging for as long as he can remember. In fact, the company has been his family’s legacy for decades, which is why his own son now works alongside him throughout the year. His favorite part about working with Express Packaging is to meet customers and help them more readily resolve their shipping challenges. As he puts it, “we’re the only custom-made commodity in the world.”


Mike still works long hours; however, he finds complete joy in teaching the next generation of workers. As a family business, Express Packaging has a supportive environment where everyone can get to know Mike, ask questions, learn, and most importantly grow. In fact, that is one of the things that put the biggest smile on Mike’s face — watching people grow — from the daughter or son of an employee to a member of the Express Packaging team to heading off to college, to getting married, and eventually returning to the Express Packaging family.


Throughout his career, Mike has had the pleasure of helping Express Packaging grow into a multi-million dollar organization. Along the way, he has seen the company change and improves with each additional piece of equipment. In his words, each piece of equipment meant that “we could service the client better. We could be quicker, more efficient.” In a world where shipping needs must be met in real-time, being more efficient and quick has helped Mike and Express Packaging reach new levels of success. However, one thing that has remained the same is the fact that all employees and customers are considered family.

Express Packaging Welcomes You to Join Their Growing Family

Whether you want to meet Mike Reardon to learn more about how he has helped shape the past, present, and future of his family-owned business, or you have a unique set of shipping needs, Express Packaging wants to welcome you into their growing family. Discover why Express Packaging is renowned for its durable, environmentally friendly, sturdy, and affordable corrugated boxes. To learn more about your next custom box order, contact a member of the Express Packaging team today.