different color spray paint in cardboard boxes

Poor packaging choices can have devastating consequences for artists and companies that handle paint and painting supplies. Rough handling throughout shipment can cause damage to paint and painting supplies.

Spilled paint is a nuisance, but it can also be expensive. Some airlines will refuse to pay for damages, especially if there is no damage to the outside of the crate, as U.S. Department of Transportation says that airlines are not responsible for damages that could have been prevented by proper packaging.

Properly packing paint and painting supplies can ensure that these supplies arrive at their destination safely. Here are some tips to help businesses package their paints and supplies for safe delivery.

Use corrugated cardboard paint boxes

A paint box has compartments for storing paint and painting supplies. A corrugated box is a business’s best friend when it comes to packaging paint and painting supplies.

Corrugated paint trays provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Maximum protection – the arched shape, or “flutes,” makes corrugated cardboard much stronger, which allows it to provide more protection than regular cardboard
  • Moisture protection – corrugated cardboard can help protect paints from moisture and can even protect nearby items from paint in case of a spill
  • Easy to customize – packaging most paint is relatively straightforward because it comes in standard shapes and sizes, but packaging painting supplies may require customized corrugated cardboard packaging
  • Versatility – corrugated cardboard boxes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Cost savings – corrugated cardboard is one of the least expensive packaging options available
  • Sustainability – corrugated cardboard is easy to reuse and recycle
  • Peace of mind – knowing that their paint and painting supplies will arrive safely brings peace of mind to both artists and businesses

Use the right size paint box

The paint box should be large enough to hold the paint and painting supplies, but not so large that the contents can slide around when jostled. In the event that a large box is the only plausible solution for a paint or painting supply deliver, packing pieces are the safest alternatives to custom box sizes.

For more information on packaging paint, painting supplies, or other goods, contact the Express Packaging team. Express Packaging manufactures corrugated boxes in nearly every size and in a wide variety of styles.