Express Packaging_Why You Should Brand Yourself With Boxes

Why You Should Brand Yourself with Boxes

When people discuss their brand, what they’re really referencing is their ability to hone and specify a single message. It’s important (and sometimes difficult) for companies to change with the times while still being able to stay on brand, but there are concrete strategies you can use to boost your consistency. One of the best places to start may be working your way from the outside in — starting with the boxes you use.

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Express Packaging_Corrugated-Boxes-Hold-Up-Food-Safety-Standards

Corrugated Boxes Hold Up Food Safety Standards

Everyone is concerned about food safety, but you may not know that the type of packaging used to transport food significantly impacts how safe our food products are. Among the many options for transporting fresh food, research shows that corrugated materials offer numerous benefits in terms of food safety and spoilage.

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Express Packaging_Trust in Family Owned

Trust in Family Owned

Big-name brands and the companies behind them might get a great deal of media coverage but they often lack a crucial element that a family-owned business excels in: trust. Express Packaging is a family-owned business that has offered quality boxes for companies of all sizes for more than 30 years.

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Express Packaging_How Reconfiguring Your Boxes Can Save You Money

How Reconfiguring Your Boxes Can Save You Money

With the rise in shipping logistics, companies are looking for new ways to cut corners in order to improve profit margins. Especially if you have smaller products, reconfiguring your corrugated boxes will save space in the trucks and a decent amount of expenses overall. Since most packages are shipped in bulk, it is now ideal to utilize your space more efficiently to save a significant amount in the long-term.

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