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The Most Popular Corrugated Box Style: RSC

Most People Have Probably Used a Regular Slotted Corrugated Box Before

By far, the regular slotted corrugated (RSC) is the most popular and widely used type of box available. Due to its efficient and sturdy design, it is no wonder that most everyone who has a shipping or storage need tends to rely on this box type.

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Tips for Packaging Fragile Products

Everyone who regularly ships fragile materials spends time worrying about whether or not their products will make it to the destination unscathed. The following tips for dealing with fragile contents will allow you to ship your goods worry-free, whether it’s around the block or the world.

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Learn more about corrugated

Unlike cardboard boxes that are generally used for packaging, corrugated boxes are recommended for shipping because they are usually stronger and more pressure resistant. Corrugated boxes are typically recommended especially when shipping fragile or heavier products. The reliable strength can…

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